Angela Adams believes that McMurray Métis Local 1935 has experienced shortcomings in its governance and operations, lacking the necessary expertise and policies. She aims to address these issues by running for the Director position on the board. Angela wants to ensure the implementation of proper policies and procedures, as well as appointing qualified individuals to lead various committees within the organization.

One of Angela’s key motivations is to preserve and pass on Métis history to future generations. As the daughter of a residential school survivor, she understands the pain and hardships faced by families. Angela is determined to contribute to community reconciliation efforts with government and employers, while also emphasizing the importance of teaching children about Métis heritage, including how their ancestors lived, worked, and formed partnerships with other tribes and indigenous communities in the region.

Angela emphasizes the need for responsible decision-making and protection of the organization’s interests. She views McMurray Métis Local 1935 as both a cultural organization and a business, requiring leaders who can make decisions in the organization’s best interests. With her extensive experience in public service, including serving as a public-school trustee and holding positions in her local union, Angela has a strong understanding of governance, fiscal responsibility, and advocacy.

Angela’s background in fighting for the rights of workers and her determination to stand up for the Métis community make her a strong candidate for the Director position. She envisions a future for McMurray Métis Local 1935 that includes a cultural center, infrastructure for learning about Métis culture and history, and a focus on protecting the organization for years to come. Angela asks for support and votes in the upcoming election to become the Director of McMurray Métis Local 1935, where she can fight for the rights and well-being of the community.

“You have that indigenous blood on you, one day it will wake up and it will call you to where you need to be.”

Angela Adams, a proud Métis woman and member of the McMurray Métis Local 1935.
Born and raised in Fort McMurray, Angela’s father, John Waniandy, was a riverboat captain, and her mother, Jean Waniandy, moved from Athabasca to Fort McMurray.
Angela’s grandparents, Modest and Caroline Waniandy, settled in Fort McMurray in the early 1900s. Because of losing her grandparents at a young age, Angela had little connection to her Métis heritage until an elder assured her that her indigenous bloodline would one day guide her.

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